Tree planting near power lines

These are not universal rules. These are based on our area provider: East Central Energy in Cambridge, Minnesota: Selecting the Right Tree to Plant Planting adjacent to overhead power lines You can help minimize tree-related outages and ensure reliable electric service for the future by choosing the right species of trees. Consider the trees’Continue reading “Tree planting near power lines”


This is taken directly from: Poultry farmers can process and sell up to 1000 birds per year without a license. The processing must be done on the farm and under sanitary conditions. The birds must be sold directly to customers from the farm premises. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture requires that operators desiring toContinue reading “Poultry”

Custom-exempt Slaughter and Processing

Taken directly from: In some areas, inspected slaughter is not available either from USDA or state equivalent plants. Another option that farmers can use is sale of live animals followed by custom-exempt processing. There are a number of restrictions and requirements with this method, but many farmers use it successfully. With custom-exempt processing, theContinue reading “Custom-exempt Slaughter and Processing”