Budget Cuts

Exciting development for us – we have finally reached the threshold of not qualifying for assistance. The wonderful dreaded point where suddenly we are on our own financially. No medical assistance for the kids. No help through the hospitals to pay for medical bills. A boost in income that leads to a downfall in income.Continue reading “Budget Cuts”

Day 1: An Introduction

My 6 Goals are: Reduce my stuff: #40bagsin40days Build a better budget: Financial Peace – Dave Ramsey Wardrobe revamp: What not to wear & Style by Jury Daily schedule creation: The art of simple Healthy eating: 100 days of real food Whiter teeth: Web search I created a Facebook Group: a new Leaf for LentContinue reading “Day 1: An Introduction”

a new Leaf for Lent

   We are creating a new “show”. A transformation show. A combination of several of our favorite makeover shows. Each participant will take 6 things they want to change in their lives. They will list them easiest to hardest (like DR does with debts). Small goals that are easily accomplished first. Slowly building confidence andContinue reading “a new Leaf for Lent”