Fiesta Salsa Recipe

It was 9:20 pm Saturday night and I was walking to the garden, again, aided by a head lamp, with scissors and a measuring cup. Because I wanted to make salsa that morning. Here is how my Saturday actually went. I had to hit the farmer’s market before I could start. I needed a fewContinue reading “Fiesta Salsa Recipe”

Making It From Scratch: Wool Dryer Balls II

I really, really, really want to make wool dryer balls – have you noticed that yet? I have heard from people that they would “totally buy them from me” if I could only figure them out. Motivation! There is a demand; I MUST fill the need. Problem #1: I do not have roving. Roving isContinue reading “Making It From Scratch: Wool Dryer Balls II”

Making It From Scratch: Wool Dryer Balls

It is 9:02 pm and I am staring at a blank website page. At the top of my screen there are no less than 20 tabs open and I just picked up my phone for one last search. I am a link-clicker. I am an idea-sleuth. There seems to be a gap in the knowledgeContinue reading “Making It From Scratch: Wool Dryer Balls”