A self-improvement journey

I have days where I like myself, and others where I am really annoyed. Lately it has been the later. My weight is up. My teeth are yellow with grey stains. My upper lip skin is strangely dark and makes me look like I have a mustache. I spend my spare time zoning out inContinue reading “A self-improvement journey”

Making It From Scratch: Wool Dryer Balls II

I really, really, really want to make wool dryer balls – have you noticed that yet? I have heard from people that they would “totally buy them from me” if I could only figure them out. Motivation! There is a demand; I MUST fill the need. Problem #1: I do not have roving. Roving isContinue reading “Making It From Scratch: Wool Dryer Balls II”

Making It From Scratch: Wool Dryer Balls

It is 9:02 pm and I am staring at a blank website page. At the top of my screen there are no less than 20 tabs open and I just picked up my phone for one last search. I am a link-clicker. I am an idea-sleuth. There seems to be a gap in the knowledgeContinue reading “Making It From Scratch: Wool Dryer Balls”