My life story … so far … Part 2

I just took Dani Johnson’s GEMs personality test. I just discovered I am 42.5% Sapphire and 37.5% Pearl. I must admit I was hoping for Ruby simply for the color. I love red. It has always been my favorite color. I had a boyfriend in college. We broke up on valentines day. After that, everyContinue reading “My life story … so far … Part 2”

My Life Story … so far … Part 1

Hi. My name is April J. I grew up on a homestead in a small town near Duluth. My mom was a Mother Earth News type before it was popular. We had close to 40 wooded acres, huge gardens, occasionally raised chickens, spent summers camping and fishing, and winters sliding and hauling fire wood. MyContinue reading “My Life Story … so far … Part 1”


I’m taking an course called Gameplan by Sarah Harnisch. It is a Young Living specific book. “The complete strategy guide to go from starter kit to silver. My next several posts are directly related to things I’m learning creating as I go through the book. Bear with me please. Lesson one is directly related toContinue reading “Why”

Making It From Scratch: Wool Dryer Balls II

I really, really, really want to make wool dryer balls – have you noticed that yet? I have heard from people that they would “totally buy them from me” if I could only figure them out. Motivation! There is a demand; I MUST fill the need. Problem #1: I do not have roving. Roving isContinue reading “Making It From Scratch: Wool Dryer Balls II”

Making It From Scratch: Wool Dryer Balls

It is 9:02 pm and I am staring at a blank website page. At the top of my screen there are no less than 20 tabs open and I just picked up my phone for one last search. I am a link-clicker. I am an idea-sleuth. There seems to be a gap in the knowledgeContinue reading “Making It From Scratch: Wool Dryer Balls”