About BlueHouse Garden

Why do we call it BlueHouse Garden?

We were house hunting and had looked at 3 or 4 promising properties. We asked the boy child which one he liked best. He was 4 at the time. His favorite house was the blue house. We had no clue what he was talking about. None of the houses were blue. I did not recall anything significant about the places that was blue. I took it as a 4-year-old moment and forgot about it.

After we had looked and schemed and dreamed and planned I went back to have a final look at a house with which I was smitten. I was there with the kids. I turned to the boy child and asked if he thought we should buy this house. He said, “Yes, this is the blue house.”

I relayed this information to my husband and we decided that we had to call it the blue house.

There you have it. Our house was named on a 4-year-old’s whim. We are still uncertain what made him call it the blue house. At the time the house was not blue – it is now. After storm damage we were able to put on new siding which of course had to be blue.

The Blue House Garden family mission.
We wish to live well on Gods land, being good stewards of his creatures, plants, and soil. We wish to raise our children healthy and strong: physically, mentally, and emotionally. We wish to be independent of the economic tide.
Work well, play hard, create beauty.


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