Clary Sage


It has come to my attention that I need clary sage. How you might ask? I took a few of those fun online quizzes, had found it in a search for oils to support creativity, plus I did a card draw game that came up clary sage too.

Guess what I was able to plant some at the Young Living Farm in Mona, Utah: Clary Sage!

Guess what I didn’t get labeled properly in my photographs from my last visit to Utah: Clary Sage!

So here I am thinking about clary sage and how it will help me and wondering if maybe it will help you.

Salvia sclarea: Salvia comes from a Latin word “salvere” meaning “to save”. Clary comes from a Latin word “clarus” meaning “clear”. 

Clary Sage is a biennial or perennial herb that is fast growing. It’s native to the northern Mediterranean, along with some areas in North Africa and Central Asia. The Clary Sage plant grows best in full sun and well-drained soil. The plant reaches 4–5 feet in height, and it has thick square stems that are covered in hairs. In the first year of growth, the base of the plant produces medium-green, course leaves. In its second year of growth, the Clary Sage plant yields flowers from stalks with upright spikes. These flowers are ranging from lilac to mauve. Clary Sage oil is extracted from the flower and leaves.

Clary Sage Oil has been used for centuries to help support the female mind and body. Known traditionally as the “woman’s oil”, clary sage essential oil soothes stressed nerves and emotions especially during certain weeks.

Clary sage’s benefits lie in its calming influence on the body and mind, along with supporting emotional and feminine functions. Clary sage is a commonly used oil in massage oils to induce all-over body comfort and ease, especially where there may be excess heat. As a cooling oil, clary assists with red, upset skin. Employed in the diffuser, you will find it offers soothing relief when used as needed. It is also good at supporting creative thinking.

Clary sage is useful when calm and relaxed states are needed in our high stress, fast paced society. Clary sage is an excellent night time oil, and can be diffused where its lovely fragrance will be an aromatic lullaby. It is thought to produce feelings of lucidity, equanimity, and tranquility.

This is just a little of what I’ve learned – check back as I discover more about this and other oils.

Always google with caution and a grain of salt as you look up information about Clary Sage. When using essential oils, always use oils that you trust (Young Living is truly unique in its extensive research, testing, and growing practices). I am not a medical professional, but instead a lover of home remedies and herbal wellness support. If you would like information on some apps or books to research further, send me an email at Or if you’d like your own Clary Sage, click this link.


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