I feel like dancing

I can’t be the only one who after watching a good movie feels like dancing… or am I?

My kids and I have had a tradition of dancing during the credits of movies. Not in theatres, although you may find me bouncing a bunch, but at home after a good movie, we HAVE to dance. My dog expects this too. He gets excited and it is the one time I let him jump up on me, so he can dance with us a bit.

We just watched “the Greatest Showman” and it was wonderful. I wish I had seen it in the theatre. I wish I had been wrapped up in that spectacle on the big screen. Sadly I make do on my tiny 32″, but that is my own home viewing choice. We like movies in our house, and books – but that is commentary for another day.

I am vibrating with energy. I am dreaming of a production of our own. Will it happen? Maybe. I’ve already been collecting songs in my Spotify playlist.

But in the mean time, here we are dancing and jumping and waltzing as the music plays and the credits roll.


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