A Dorothy Story


If Dorothy had just followed the red brick road…

She would have met a banker with a head full of money, a mechanic with a well oiled motor bike, and a furniture salesman with a penchant for animal prints. They would have arrived at the sapphire city and stayed in a posh hotel where there was a baking and cooking contest using the magical apples.

Dorothy would have gone on to open a skin care and wellness institute and become fast friends with the artist formerly known as the wicked witch of the west who really was suffering from an emerald allergy.

Using her shoes, she would have gone back to Kansas to visit and brought with her magic apple and poppy seeds which helped bring color and a lively business to her aunt and uncle.

The wizard would have come to visit Dorothy in the sapphire city and spent long weekends talking fashion and reminiscing about life in the old world.

To be continued…


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